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Welcome! Basic Rules & Schedule
___bakku wrote in opulence_ls
Hello everyone and welcome to Opulence Linkshell's Livejournal page. On this page I will be posting pictures, event updates, information, and other various Linkshell related items. My name is Punku and I am your fearless, cute, aesthetically charming leader! <3

Rules for Linkshell and this Livejournal page are the same:

* No flaming
* No discrimination of any sorts
* No SPAM!

Please keep in mind that I'm not responsible for anything you encounter on Livejournal. I'm your peer.

With that said. We are a small, low-man Linkshell looking to have some fun!

Our weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday: Limbus @8:15PM EST > Echoes @9:15PM EST
Tuesday: Sky @8:15PM EST
Wednesday: Sky @8:15PM EST
Thursday: Limbus @8:15PM EST > Echoes @9:15PM EST
Friday: Sky @8:15PM EST
Saturday&Sunday are free days!

(The schedule will change to other events based on need.)

-Two level 75+ jobs. (Usually a mage and a melee is amazing)
-Decent gear for your 75+ jobs. (Gear and Skill goes yin-yang)
-Access to most areas. (We will help you with some access)
-Dedication to events and Linkshell
-A form or communication outside of game

-You may not lot on any items for the first week of joining LS. (Unless they are free-lot)
-You must attend event if you are online. (Unless if you have permission to not attend by leader or officer)
-With that being said, 30 days of inactivity will automatically delete you from the point system(Unless if you say you are going on vaca or something)
-Must be at events on time in order to get full points
-All events give you 10 points

I'll will soon put this on the Userinfo for this community page and add the rules and other doodads.

To apply please email a resume or your Jobs, experience, and other details to




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